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Organic Antioxidant Blend | Cacao + Acai + Goji

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  • Superfood staple cacao joins goji and acai for a delicious and nutrient packed powder! 
  • Crafted for convenience. Simply use as a 1:1 unsweetened cocoa powder replacement in baking, smoothie-making and other chocolatey recipes!
  • Our premium, unroasted cacao powder is a great source of antioxidants, fiber and minerals (magnesium, calcium ; iron)
  • Organic and freeze-dried acai and goji berry powders provide powerful, superberry nutrients that support skin health and help fight inflammation.
  • No added sugar, fillers or preservatives.
  • USDA organic, non-GMO, vegan, paleo
  • Gluten-free
  • 15 Servings

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
I love it!

Because it's cacao, don't expect it to taste sweet. That being said, if you're looking for real chocolate, this is it. Paired with the right sweeteners (ex: dates, strawberries, bananas, raspberries, etc) you can have a delicious chocolaty smoothie. Also, I sometimes add it to my peanut butter toast. But again, that's if you don't mind the taste. I often find that people expect it to taste like milk chocolate. That's not the case! Think of dark chocolate. The good news it that you can moderate the intensity. Besides, a little goes a long way. It's also very nutritious!

A chocoholics dream come true!

Great value excellent product - bought it for its antioxidant benefits especially for men. Wasnt sure I could find it palatable unsweetened and in a cold "tea" but it is delicious. While dark chocolate is all the rage the truth is heating chocolate and adding milk proteins diminishes its benefits.Just be patient with this product - moisten with slightly warm water to make a paste and then thin with more water to your desired consistency.I often wondered how the Aztecs could drink so much of this unsweetened or just spiced with cayenne but after using Navitas I understand. Full disclosure - I love milk chocolate and do not like dark chocolate -drinking this satisfies my chocolate cravings without sugar or anything added - amazing ! Even my chocoholic wife agrees this satisfies and gives you all benefits without the downsides of candy

Taste amazing but...

The Cacao Powder taste amazing but I’m fairly certain that I’m allergic to the ingredients. I added the cacao powder to a smoothie and I got a really bad headache shortly after ingesting it. My resting blood pressure (which is usually around 110 / 75) shot up to 140 / 100. This happened twice after using this product. I have had no issues since I stopped using this product. However, my sensitivities shouldn’t be held against this powdered cacao. It made my smoothies taste ‘chocolatey‘ without any bitterness or grit. Too bad I can’t use it because I really enjoyed the taste of the two smoothies I made using this product.

Brian G.
Great Flavor - Great Health Benefits

I got this for the health benefits, as I think drinking cacao on a regular basis is very good for your mental health, but it also enhances the flavor of everything. I use this in the morning with my Soylent, I add some MCT oil and 2 scoops of this to a magic bullet, quickly blend it up and it's an incredible way to start the morning off. After blending the powder dissolves great and there are no chunks. However, when trying to mix it up in a shaker cup with a cold liquid it does clump up a bit. I am sure this would dissolve great in a hot liquid though and would make for some great, healthy hot chocolate!

Best Tasting --- ALL COCAO POWDER has a California WARNING! See why ..............

The Warnings on the package that everyone is commenting on here are from a California law stipulating that an unhealthy amount of any chemical or toxic substance in a product must be made clear to the purchaser. As such you will find them on almost ALL COCAO POWDER, organic or not! As per the first feedback comment here, the culprit is Cadmium. (Wish package would just state that.) I got the info from Consumer Labs also -- much to my mortification because I have been consuming this stuff almost daily for years! There was only one Cocao powder tested that was recommended because of low enough amounts of Cadmium and Lead! -(and it is currently sold out.) - So like the first commenter on this product -I am now going to move to "Bakers Unsweetened" bars and simply melt them down to make the hot drink. (Yeh, this stuff is a bit addicting ---and I do not eat sugar.) Really a drag to find out about this, but glad I did and Everyone should be forewarned -- Not just pregnant women! Study said that Organic brands can almost be worse. Hope they figure out a way to make a toxic free form given the number of people who both drinking and make a living harvesting this stuff. Other than that -- the flavor on this one is fine-- I add unsweetened almond/coconut milk --- which sweetens it naturally -- One gets used to no sugar and even begins to dislike anything sweetened by it. Other commenter stated this is the worst tasting -- No, he was just used to another brand first. I started with this and everything else tastes like there is something wrong with it!

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