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Portable Compact Waterproof Beach Blanket

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  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT This outdoor accessory is so easy to carry along everywhere due to its amazingly small size. It folds up to fit right into the palm of your hand and comes with an attached packing bag for stuffing back into itself when your done using it, which is so convenient for not having to keep track of when out on your adventures. Its the perfect present for yourself, or a great gift idea for friends and family!
  • WATERPROOF, PUNCTURE RESISTANT & SAND PROOF The unique fabric of this multipurpose ground cover is extremely durable and puncture resistant, making it ideal for pet lovers and their dogs, cats or camping chairs. Its also moisture proof so it can keep your gear dry when placed on top of the tarp. Sand easily slides off due to the smooth surface of the fabric, making it ideal for sandy or dirt prone locations - a perfect accessory for your adventures in nature!
  • IDEAL SIZE 55 x 60 & GENIUS DESIGN The beach mat was designed to fit 2 people comfortably, but can also fit up to 4. The size of this beach blanket was specially crafted to be tiny and portable, which is why its so ideal for on the go excursions. The camping blanket also has corner pockets you can fill up with sand or stones to keep it on the ground, which also helps it become more windproof. The pocket loops at each corner are ready for camping stakes (not included).
  • VERSATILE USES - This multipurpose pocket blanket is perfect for all your outdoor adventures! It can be used as a beach blanket, waterproof picnic blanket, camping tarp, hiking blanket, at a festival - just to name a few. You can use it as an improvised shelter from the rain (rainfly) or simply as an emergency pad in an emergency kit to have on hand. Just hook it onto your backpack, throw it in your bag or keep it in your car - you never know when itll come in handy!
  • MANUFACTURER GUARANTEE - Life Catalyzed offers a No Questions Asked 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all our products so there's no risk trying this product out for yourself before you make a final decision! When claimed, our FREE 1 Year Warranty covers products that are defective in anyway, broken or miss-assembled. Be sure to reach out if you experience any setbacks!

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