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Pouch Universal Fit for All Medical Devices

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  • SMARTLY DESIGNED. Dynamo Pouch is fitted with sensible zipper closures and compartments that fit the essentials wallet, phone, small water bottle and much more. Dynamo Pouch has a main pouch with two inner slots, two side pockets, as well as a hidden carry strap. A proper pouch should be attached as high as possible on a crutch or walker. The higher its placed the lighter it feels.
  • FITS MOST CRUTCHES, WALKERS, WHEELCHAIRS, ROLLATORS and BACKPACKS: With two expandable Velcro side panels and a top mounted adjustable strap its the Ultimate Mobility Carry Bag. It quickly and easily detaches from virtually all mobility aid devices or for use as a personal bag. Use it for day trips, sports, vacation, shopping or school.
  • BEAUTIFUL CONSTRUCTION: Made of good-looking durable nylon, latex free, water-resistant, stain resistant, bacteria / fungus resistant and lightweight. No fleece fabric. Dimensions 5 W x 8 L x 1.5 D

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